Why Gus Killed Lalo In Better Call Saul Season 6, Episode 8

Gus's murder on Better Call Saul is bizarre and yet has great significance. Gus is the ultimate villain, but he rarely has to get his hands dirty,

instead tasking Mike with killing people while serving as the mastermind behind criminal operations.

However, he can kill if he deems it necessary or if he has little choice: Gus kills Victor (Jeremiah Bitsui) in Breaking Bad to send a message

Walter White (Bryan Cranston) and Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul), but also because Victor's actions put him in danger of Gus' plans.

This is also true of Lalo, albeit on a larger scale: Lalo, in his reveal this episode, wants Gus dead (and even Jimmy McGill (Bob Odenkirk) shows it).

Gus knows how far Lalo is, he has to be released and he has to be stopped; it's murder or murder, Gus takes decisive action.

Always an opportunist, this was a unique opportunity to take Lalo alone and without hesitation.

By trusting others to do the job and pay the price, Gus sensibly wants to make sure it ends now.


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