Why Kim Kardashian Fans Think Pete Was Rebound

After Kim Kardashian of The Kardashians and Pete Davidson called it quits, followers now acknowledge that they thought the union was problematic.


Kim Kardashian from The Kardashians broke up with Pete Davidson after a nine-month relationship, and fans aren't holding back about why they believe Pete was risky for Kim.

After filing for divorce from rapper Kanye West, Kim's first committed relationship was with the Saturday Night Live comedian.

In contrast to her and Kanye's marriage, the reality TV star started dating Pete in late October, and at initially, she kept their relationship very private.

The two didn't make their Instagram relationship official until March, and the actor didn't show up in person during her Hulu reality series' first season.

However, Kim Kardashian briefly brought up Pete and used FaceTime to show him around her private jet.

Pete made a cameo in the final scene of the notorious 2022 Met Gala in the first The Kardashians season 2 trailer that Hulu published.

It will be entertaining to observe how their relationship develops when the season premieres even if the reality stars did not predict Kim and Pete's breakup at the time.


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