Why Ozark Wendy Actress Originally Didn’t Like Her Character

Ozark star Laura Linney revealed why she didn't like her character Wendy Byrd at first. The second half of the season ended with a critically acclaimed drama earlier this year.

originally premiered on Netflix in 2017. Laura dies as Wendy, an ordinary mom and wife.

Her life turns upside down when her husband Marta Byrde (Jason Bateman) moves her family to Missouri after admitting that she did laundry and had to work for a dangerous drug cartel.

In the fourth season, stakes increased as private detective Mel Sattem and cartel leader Omar Nevarro approached the Byrde family and added more pressure to their business.

Linney's character, Wendy, has undergone a drastic change in the series. Once a housewife confronts her husband's lies, she defeats an absolute criminal.

Seeing no other option, Wendy chooses to turn to the dark side as she is thrown into a life of secrecy and crime. By the end of the third season.

Even if it was done to protect her family, Wendy would have to deal with the aftermath of the Ozark 4 era.

Clearly, Linney's feelings for Wendy changed as she continued to play the role over 44 episodes. This is the longest time the actress has played, based only on the episode number.


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