Why Supernatural Killed Off Bobby In Season 7

In Supernatural Season 7, Episode 10, "Death's Door," Bobby Singer has one of the most terrifying deaths in the entire show.

Bobby Singer has encountered ghosts, vampires, demons and even many of Lucifer's own ships. So why did Supernatural kill Bobby in season 7?

Bobby Singer was first introduced to the world of supernatural entities when a demon occupied his wife, and in response Bobby accidentally killed her.

Bobby was not originally the main character in Supernatural, but became one of the most useful returning characters in the series.

In Supernatural Season 7, Episode 10, "Death's Door," Bobby Singer is shot while Sam and Dean flee for the Leviathans.

Supernatural writers murdered Bobby in the episode "Death's Door" to change the direction of the show in a way that would best affect the characters and the audience.

While Bobby Singer appears on the show several times after "Death's Door", he is always haunted as an alternative version of the supernatural.

This episode fully describes why Bobby Singer is loving and important to Sam and Dean in Supernatural.


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