Will Evan Peters Return For American Horror Story Season 11?

The highly anticipated 11th season of American Horror Story is fast approaching and viewers are excited to see if protagonist Evan Peters returns to the lead role.

While little is known about Season 11, sources (via Twitter) report that filming will begin on June 14 in New York.

This raises the question of whether some fans of popular actors will travel to Big Apple this summer to play again in Ryan Murphy's crazy world in season 11 of American Horror Story.

So far, Evan Peters has played a total of 16 different characters in American Horror Story since the series' debut in 2011, which is five more than the representative Sarah Paulson.

These include AHS serial killer Tate Langdon, followed by Kit Walker, Kyle Spencer, Jimmy Darling, James Patrick March, Rory Monahan, Kai Anderson,

Andy Warhol, Marshall Applewhite, David Koresh, Jim Jones, Jezus Kristus sels, Jeff Pfister;

That although Evan Peters (yet) has not confirmed a return for season 11 of the American Horror Story, his return seems likely.

The central environment is still ahead of us and New York City is most excited that Ghostface is still watching.


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