Woke Cancelled After 2 Seasons

Hulu put Woke to bed and canceled the comedy after two seasons, informs our sister website Deadline.

The live action / animated hybrid series Woke follows the actions of a black artist named Keef Knight after the real award-winning artist Keith Knight.

Woke plays Lamorne Morris as the artist Keef, Blake Anderson as Keef's weak Gunther, T. Murph as Keef's BFF as Clovis,

Launched in September 2020, the unique series disrespectfully looks at identity and culture as Keef follows,

With a new view of the world around him, Keef goes through new voices and ideas that confront him and challenge him,

Starring Lamorne Morris, Blake Anderson, T. Murph, Sasheer Zamata and JB Smoove, created by Knight and Marshall Todd,

The Executive also collaborates with Anthony King, Maurice "Mo" Marabel, Richie Schwartz, John Will, Will Gluck and Eric Christian Olsen.

Woke, a live action animated comedy inspired by the life of award-winning artist Keith Knight, was canceled by Hulu after two seasons.


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