WWE Board Investigating $3 Million Hush Pact Involving Vince McMahon

An unnamed employee, a trainee hired in 2019, signed an agreement that prevented her from discussing the relationship.

According to a new report released on Monday, the board found several other confidentiality agreements signed by former employees on McMahon's alleged abuse.

It is not known how many confidentiality agreements were found, but the report says McMahon used his own money to pay former employees.

A WWE spokesman told the WSJ that the company "cooperated fully with the Board of Inquiry and that the relationship

Jerry McDevitt, McMahon's lawyer, wrote a letter on paper dismissing the allegation, stating that "WWE has not paid any money"

former employee when he left the company. Board members were notified of the payment of $ 3 million through a series of anonymous emails from an alleged friend of the recipient.

The first email said McMahon doubled the woman's salary after their relationship began and that McMahon "gave her like a toy" to Laurinaitis.

"My friend was so scared that he stopped after Vince McMahon and lawyer Jerry (McDevitt) paid him millions of dollars to keep quiet," the e-mail said.


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