X-Men’s New Resurrection Powers in Marvel Lore

The X-Men Resurrection Protocols featured the forgotten death and resurrection of Jean Gray - is this where Professor X got the idea?


The X-Men Resurrection Protocols have a deeper history than many readers realize – and it's overshadowed by the forgotten resurrection of Jean Grey.

Death has always been a revolving door in superhero comics, and that's especially true for the X-Men.

The basic principle is simple; Professor X uses Cerebro technology to copy the minds of every mutant on the planet.

When the mutant dies, a clone body is created and subjected to temporal energy to age it; Xavier then placed the mental records into the clone's body.

Oddly enough, this is also foreshadowed by one of Jean Grey's many deaths and resurrections. In Uncanny X-Men #281, the X-Men meet Emma Frost at the Hellfire Club.

The X-Men try to defend the Hellions but are unsuccessful, in part because these Sentinels have been upgraded to advanced technology.

Xavier managed to return his mind to his own body, but he was fascinated by the transference—a fascination that now serves as an ingenious foreshadowing.


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