Young Sheldon S5’s Disappointing Finale Highlights Its Biggest Problem

After a long build, Young Sheldon 5's last season turned out to be a disappointment that highlighted the show's biggest problem.

Instead of paying for active storylines, Young Sheldon decided that Season 5 would be completely independent.

a creative path that reveals an important conversational issue that needs to be overcome in advance.

Georgia (Montana Jordan) picks up Mandy (Emily Osment), who happens to get pregnant, resulting in a series of problems with Cooper.

In season 5 of young Sheldon, Mary (Zoe Perry) and George (Lance Barber) are forced to reconsider their marriage.

Missy is in trouble for hitting a child who is flirting with her family, while Sheldon has trouble concentrating on her academics because of what happened at home.

That's when Young Sheldon turned out to be moving away from a straightforward sitcom in the transition to family drama.

Although not the same and in a strangely opposite sense, The Big Bang Theory has the same problem. The geek-centric sitcom began as a set project


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