Young Sheldon Season 5 Finale Has A Secret BBT Easter Egg

D'r je v geheim The Big Bang Theory Easter egg yn 'e finale fan Young Sheldon seizoen 5 en it is net Sheldon's Flash-shirt.

But Big Bang Theory fans won't just get a fun reference to Big Bang Theory, because the finale of Young Sheldon's 5th series also has a secret Easter egg about Sheldon's future.

The eldest children, George and Mary, happened to get pregnant with their boyfriend, which led to many family problems.

But most importantly, the trip eventually shifted the focus of the comedy back to Sheldon after being a party for a while.

In the episode "Clogged Pores, A Little Spanish and the Future," Sheldon begins to fear the future, but sits down after a nice encouraging speech from Missy.

During the conversation with Missy, Sheldon gets rid of all his hopes for the future, and each of the things he states will eventually come true in Big Bang Theory.

Overall, the finals of Young Sheldon's 5th season were not as important as expected. In fact, there have been some important developments in other ongoing lines of the system.

but most of the episode focuses on Sheldon and his fears for the future. It's a bit like the season 2 finale, which is directly related to The Big Bang Theory finale.


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