Young Sheldon Season 6 Has More Drama For The Coopers, Teases Star

There will be more drama in store for the Coopers in Young Sheldon season 6, actor George Lance Barber has revealed. The CBS comedy staple is on hiatus for the mandatory summer vacation.

However, in a few weeks, Young Sheldon Season 6 will begin production as the show continues with the Coopers' collective and individual bows toward the end of Season 5's cliffhanger cliffhanger.

Young Sheldon's story took a more mature turn in season 5 as he began to deal with more mature themes.

This included Georgia and Mandy's unexpected pregnancy, which resulted in a series of family problems.

While this development affected Sheldon and Missy, it had many implications for Cooper's parents as they are forced to examine their own relationship.

To make matters worse, Georgia's news caused Mary and George to lose their jobs, threatening the family's financial stability.

Moving into Season 6 of Young Sheldon, it looks like Sheldon and his family have yet to catch a break.

CBS' decision to make Young Sheldon a family drama instead of a straight-up sitcom is a sign that it's ready to grow out of The Big Bang Theory's shadow.


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