Y&R Spoilers: Ashland Pouts After Victor’s Justice

Victor gives Michael Baldwin (Christian LeBlanc) another Locke-related task and wants to make sure Locke is treated well!

Michael would love to see Ashland Lock locked up in a dirty Peruvian jail cell like him, but one of the GCPD should probably be done!

Trials in most areas are fairly supportive these days and Michael loves the idea of Locke being on trial for a few months!

The way Ashland trashes her hotel room, Devon Hamilton (Bryton James), the newest owner, can arrest her and favor Michael and the Newmen!

Victoria took everything Locke had financially, except that he had money and bills he didn't tell her about, which was quite possible.

Devon could file lawsuits up to several high dollars and also arrange some high bail because Locke could be considered a risk!

Locke may think he's going to tie up Adam Newman (Mark Grossman) to pay for himself, but Adam may forget and realize his cut!

However, the Newmen are either fully united or they can no longer prove how Locke now demands that they believe in him and his plans!


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