Y&R Spoilers - Sally Blindsided By Adam’s Marriage Proposal!

Adam is always prone to daring acts, especially when he loves someone very much!

Previously, Adam proposed to Sharon Rosales (Sharon Case) while they were dating, so it is no longer out of the question that he will propose to Sally!

Right now, Sally is the only thing in her life that is strong, and that means she will hold him emotionally as his anchor.

Sally always made sure to sit behind Adam because she knew what it was like to be the city outcast and make crazy mistakes.

Sally came to Genoa to start over and it took several years to gain the trust of others; that's a big part of their relationship.

The last thing Adam wanted to do was lose Sally, who turned out to be his soulmate and someone who really got him, flaws and all.

They both feel they are right for each other and both agree that they have a deeper understanding of what makes each other stand out.

Adam is all over the place with his feelings now, feeling betrayed by his father who promptly replaced him with his sister's family business!


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