Zach & Tori Talk About RAINBOW BABY On The Show!

LPBW fans should know that her third child is her rainbow baby after a last miscarriage.

The lives of Zach and Tori Roloff have become a big part of Little People Big World. Ever since they got married and started dating, LPBW fans have seen the whole show.

In fact, they became a family of four when Jackson and Lilah were born to them and also became part of the show.

Now the couple is finally talking about the arrival of a third offspring in a new era. The last pregnancy seems to be exceptional for the family because it is their rainbow baby.

As a result, Tori Roloff was 12 weeks pregnant before making the show's official announcement.

The couple must have waited a long time before hearing the baby's heartbeat for the first time and making sure she was okay.

When confessing, Tori showed that she was a little nervous this time about her previous loss.

Eventually, the couple also went to Amy and Chris' new place to announce the news and also show them the first ultrasound.


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